Titan Taxis Ltd.

Taxi and Courier Service

Call Back

Call Back is a FREE and easy to use facility that Titan Taxis offers to all its customers. This facility allows the driver to call your mobile or home telephones to notify you that your taxi has arrived.

  1. It's Free and easy to use!
  2. No more waiting outside in the cold or rain for your taxi at pubs, clubs, restaurants or other establishments. Call Back will notify you when your taxi is on approach.
  3. No more missing your taxi.
  4. Extra safety and security for female customers and children.
  5. No need for the driver to sound the horn.
  6. There is no need to answer your phone.

When the driver is approaching the pick-up address he/she presses a key on their data unit. This sends a signal to the computer, which then calls the customer on the phone they used to book the taxi with, providing the number, was not withheld. You will receive two rings on your phone. No more waiting in the cold or rain! Wait in the comfort of your home, office, pub or club.